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Vaikaasi Pournami is most important  to Vaishnavas—–the great Sri Vaishnava Acharya’s avatharam on this day—Visaka

nakshatram—-star—  of    SRI SATAKOPAN

In north,this is Budhha poornima–the birth of Lord Budhha —

 Our Acharya Sri Satakopan—-conquered the “Sata vayoo” which surrounds the soul of every person during his birth in this world.

But Sri Satakopan ,even at the time of His avathar conquered this “Sata vayu “.

Sri Vaishnavas knew the “saritha” (story ) of Sri Mathura kavikal,  who was instrumental to get 1296 verses (pasurams)

from Sri Satakopan–called Sri  Nammaazhvaar –the chief of Azhvars

Sri Nammaazhvaar had  ”gnaana–drishti” (God–vision ) and He sang songs with direct realisation of Sriman Narayanan.

He felt as a woman seperated from her husband , the Lord of Universe and due to this ”vislesha” (seperation )

paasurams began to appear from his  mind which are not comparable to any  other paasurams –This is called

Nayaka—nayakee bhaavam  —this is mingled with  in His pasurams—Tiruvirutham, Tiruvasiriyam, Periya Thiruvanthathi,

and Tiruvaimozhi . All these are born out of “gnana”‘  blended with absolute devotion –bakthi—

Every Sri Vaishnavan should memorise all these 1296 verses and recite these whenever they find time  and where ever they go

atleast 10 pasurams a day . They should  seek qualified vidvans guidence to have ”kalakshebam”of  Tiruvaimozhi called ”baghavath vishayam”

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

Uruppattur Soundhararaajan
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