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Why should we repeat the teachings twice ?
We sleep every night and even during day time if and when required.and conserve energy or to let the brain regenerate and clear waste.
This is the reason given by all Scientists etc .
Do you know the reason ? While we sleep we forget certain things
we learnt every day.
It is common by saying that ”synapses ” i.e. junction of nerve cells ” in the braingrew rapidly during every day , that they become too ”noisy ” and that sleep is the only way for the brain to lift the signals.
That is why, our fore–fathers practised ”santhai” i.e. repeating twice what preceptor said—taught.
With this method,what we repeated twice will not be forgotten during sleep. Of course,this will not last longer. We have to renew this method often and often.
For this, our fore–fathers made compulsory the recital of ”Veda parayana”, ”Divya prabanda”during uthsavams in the temples. By this parayanam i.e. recital one cannot forget what he got
from his preceptor.
Not only for this but also for many teachings/ readings this method of memorising is adopted
Sri Kooraththaazhvan’s memory of ” Bothayana vruththi” is so exceptional

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