Choice is your’s –3

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Choice is your’s

your clothes will reflect what you are, what are your habits, though your face (eyes)
will reflect some signs.
The external cover (of your body ) will speak plenty of yours, everything—–
Your face reflections are secondary, your body–language is secondary but , wearing of
clothes reflect your mind–reading.

That is why our fore–fathers gave importance to this.

There are seperate dress-codes according to age-group both for boys and girls.
Brahmachari’s dress is unique which will tell that he is under a teacher to learn
–learn to lead a life according to ”sastras”.

For girls, it is divided by 8 categories i.e. 1 age 5–7, 2.age 8 to 11 3.age 12 and 13
4. age 14–18 5. age 20–25 6. age 26–31 7 age 32–40 and 8. above 40

Upto the age 7, there will be skirt (paavaadai )and shirt (sattai)
From the age of 8 to 13—skirt and upper garment
Usually there will be marriage at this stage, then —- saree of 9 yards
For boys ,after marriage , veshti of 10 x 6 muzham
This was the dress–code prevelant till some years back.
These dress–code gave respect to both male and female and identified
whether they are married or not —
These dress-code blocked unscrupulous elements from unnecessary
verbal and physical attack on these married people both male and female.
Not only wearing these clothes but also putting ” thiruman” in the fore–head etc
give respect
Particularly, clothes showed your behaviour, character, habit etc
So, your pattern of weaing clothes is important which gives respect ,
at the outset in the society —-

Then, the choice is your’s


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