Choice is your’s—14

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Choice is your’s—14


Languor—-weakness—-extremely tired and weary—mental agitation–
go astray and awry —-

Whatever said in the dictionary, this dictionary does not feel these—
Then, what is it—-?
Every human –being feels depressed at one stage–
Even animals feel it and show their depression by way of ”anger”—

Therapists say that as a human , you should not feel depressed alone —
When depressed, you should feel that you are having affectionate family–
It means that ,this kind of feeling will throw away your ”depression”.

Suppose, imagine you are depressed and you are not alone—
-but your family said to be with you is not affectionate
with you—-
what will happen–? Depression will increase because of that
feeling also—
Suppose, imagine again–you are depressed and you are not alone—
your family , kith and kin are your companions–
In one way or other, these companions fume this depression
and force you to ”fumble”.–
This also will increase many fold your depression—

Even you may resort to sing , resort to dance , resort to read religious books,
resort to hear discourses etc , it is only temperory—
Depression will raise it’s head again —–

Then, what is the remedy—-?
You should feel that you are with your favourite GOD, thus ,you are not alone—
You should develop this feeling whenever and where ever you feel depressed—
This sort of mental boldness will give you strength—mental strength—
Your favourite God, will give you this strength of ”you are not alone,but by His side”

Gradually, you will be freed from ”depression” and will try to go nearer to God–i.e.
Whether Sriman Narayanan, Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevan,Sri Nrusimhan, Sri Raman,
Sri Krishna, Sri Mahalakshmi etc
When a ”therapist” is not able to erase ”depression” from you completely ,
this kind of feeling –i.e. you are by the side of your favorite God will free you
from the depression fully—
By this way, not only depression will disappear completely but also you will be nearing
your favourite God—
I am not presuming that you are in depression —
Through you, I am giving this message to all—
You can say this to your relative, friend who is in ”depression”
Then , the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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