Choice is your’s—15

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Choice is your’s—15

”Anger is an obstacle to happiness—-

If some sort of social commands comes in your way , you will feel
this anger.
If you fail to get what you tried to achieve, you will feel the anger.
There are numerous tales –short stories in the Ithihasas, Puranas
to show what happened to the people who were immersed with anger—
Visvamithra, Parasurama etc.
Anger leads you to do ”sin’ of ”panchamaapathaka”’. This sin leads you
to declare you as mean fellow, a great sinner . This declaration will lead you
—your atma–to ”naraka” as punishment.
Sastra says that anger denotes ”rajasa guna” ( raajasam ) When you take
frequently the diet that gives this guna —you get angry, hatred etc
Thai is why ,our Acharyas said every now and then, to take food that gives
”sathva” guna ( Sathvikam ). Swami Desikan has given ”Ahara niyamam” to us
to this effect.
Do you think that a human should not get angry—?
No—there should be anger—A man without anger is not human being, but
this anger should be in the right direction.
When you see some deeds of fellow-men against sastras, it is your right
to anger.
When you are forced to do something against sastras,you have to be angry.
This anger will help you to identify you as a right person—
No one will induce you to perform any acts against sastras—
This will be your strength–moral strength —

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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