We  are repeating   the teachings  twice  —-why ? 

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   We sleep every night  and even during day time  if and when required.

 At that time we  conserve energy   and our  brain regenerate, as per the version 

of some   Scientists  .

   While we sleep our brain loose   certain things  which we learnt every  day.

But ”nerve cells” in the brain   will grow fastly  with some noise  which are told as ”signals” 

During such sleep, brain gets these signals and absorb these signals 


  our ancestors –Rishis –acharyars– knew this well  and they  prescribed  ”santhai” 

i.e. repeating twice what  they  preach —taught.

We can see in some northern States that Acharyals asked their sishyas to repeat what they said ”thrice”

With this method,our brain absorbs what we are asked to repeat like absorbing signals—–even  during sleep.

But , if we say ”good-bye” to this  brain memory and storage for certain time , this will  disappear .

We have to renew this method  often  and  often.

Our  ancestors  made compulsory  the  recital of ”Veda parayana”,  ”Divya prabanda”

during uthsavams in the temples.  By this parayanam  i.e. recital  — we  cannot forget what we learnt by heart  

from our Acharyals.

Not only for this  but also for many teachings/ readings ,  this method of memorising is adopted

This may also be told as ”ASAI  PODUTHAL” —cud–chewing by ruminants—- or 

bringing to the mind again and again ,what we lerant— 

 But, Sri Kooraththaazhvan’s memory of ” Bothayana vruththi” is so exceptional

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