Ancient traditions—how they are neglected –!

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2.Most of the politicians, administrators and academics do not actually know where their ancient tradition is documented and what it contains.
Mere ferocious speech of Tamil race is even before the advent of ‘’stone age’’ignoring the other race’s culture, and closing the eyes to see and accept the ancient tradition of our Country as a whole , spoiled the entire society to large extent.
The era of Vedas
There is a big gap between the English speaking academics and the Vedic pundits. The former forced their utterances from the time the British invaded and occupied our Country thinking that they are superior and there is no intelligentsia in our country, but Germans knew this who translated many many important portions from Vedas to german language.

3.However there is great, often untapped knowledge with Sanskrit pundits. Their knowledge might even be more crucial for a harmonious society.
Sadly, western intelligentsia did not accept this and both groups don’t meet because they don’t understand each other even after the visit of Swami Vivekanand to U.S. If they would meet and exchange, India in all likelihood would be a frontrunner in scientific innovation, as well as in philosophy and consciousness research.
Further, there is allergy with ”sanskrit” language combined with ”hatred” by some sections of Society particularly in erstwhile Madras Province—then a State and then named as TamilNadu , which spoiled the study of sanskrit as a language.
Even now, there is hue and cry here from the self—proclaimed politicians if and when either the Centre Government Departments or autonomus Concern begin with the word ‘’sanskrit’’ fowhich all worthless T.V. Channels give publicity
What a pity !
4.For example, the statement of the Vedas that Paramatma(Parabrahma) desired to transform itself into many, and that He is awareness, could have let to the discovery that matter is basically energy (or rather awareness), long before Einstein.This is vouchsafed in ”Sri Nrusimha Avathara”
5.Unfortunately the study of India’s tradition was gravely neglected for the past many centuries that followed in socalled “independent” , ‘’Republic’’ India. It was even demeaned by so called intellectuals whose intellect was obviously challenged or rather brainwashed by British slavery education. ( i.e S I R Slave I Remain ) —With the new government, this pitiable situation might change, and the signals that come from the HRD ministry are encouraging.But, there are powerful people to block all these with ”votes”
6.Many of the leftist ‘intellectuals’,including those who lost power that was tasted by them for the past several decades however, can be expected to shout “saffronisation”. And they usually shout loudly. Sure, everybody has the right to freely express his opinion, but the right to be heard all over the world is reserved for few individuals, and so far, those intellectuals enjoyed this privilege.
7.The Vedic pundits on the other hand, who preserve the traditional knowledge, have been boycotted/ sidelined and even unfairly charged with being the main cause for the backwardness of India.The bias against the Indian tradition is difficult to understand, except for a lack in self-confidence, because the knowledge that the Rishis uncovered is truly amazing. It is the heritage of all Indians.
8.If any other country had such long history and such great achievements to show, they would stress it on every occasion. Yet in India, this knowledge has been concealed by hatred by non-believers of GOD,tradition etc ,and ignored. Instead, atheists/academics were ever ready to take up any hypothesis provided it came from the west.( i.e. you can see these from their speeches—they will never cite any Indian Intellectuals, but cite the persons from the West )
9.For example, Darwin’s evolutionary theory.
Indians don’t realize that westerners have only Darwin or the Church to choose from, and Darwin looks more probable, though not really convincing. Indians have other options: they could consider the possibility that there are cycles from krutha yuga to Kali Yuga. There is plenty of evidence in Indian scriptures that in ancient times, India was spiritually and technologically highly rich in these.

10.Over the years, a few attempts were made to dig out India’s treasure.
For example, in some universities, a course on Indian psychology is now on offer that has been sourced from ancient scriptures . This happened only after westerners had added a new stream to western psychology that is based on Vedic insights. Yet the Indian origin of ‘transpersonal psychology’ is not acknowledged.
In regard to psychology and philosophy, ancient India was far ahead of the modern west. Still, even today, Indian psychology students learn the simplistic theories of Pawlov and Skinner, whereas in the west, “consciousness studies” have taken off in many universities and institutes.
11. It is the proper time to raise all these by our intellectuals/ historians leaving behind the caste creed or colour
12. Will they —?

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