G E M S from the Scriptures —4

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G E M S from the Scriptures —4

                                          Uruppattur U.Ve. Soundararajan Swamy 

                       Bhagvan owns twi ”vibhuthis”. One is Nithya vibhuthi ” and another ”Leela Vibhuthi”         

Nithya Vibhuthi is ” Vaikuntam”  Which is fullof ”Sudhdha Sathva”

Leela Vibhuthi is ”Prakruthi” i.e. Universe                                     

                       In this Prakrithi, which is composed of three qualities ( Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas), Baghvan  plays here  in Leela vibhuthi and enjoys.  

                         In “ Harivamsa”, Bhagavan explains this, in the episode of bringing back the sons of “ Vaidic Brahmin’ from Srivaikunta saying that Srivaikunta is superior  which is of two kinds—gross and subtle and once jeevathmas ( prapannas) enter into it, they become “ Mukthas” I.e. free from the cycle of birth and death.

                       He is the charming “ Purusha” shining in the interior of the Sun. He is supreme to be worshipped since He is signified by Savithri  (Gayathri). He is without beginning and end. His youthfulness is eternal. He has a body which He assumes out of His own will. This body is like a blue cloud in the midst of sparkling rows of lightenings , which is spotless blue and shining. He is having lovable quality like supreme loveliness beauty and youthfulness.

                       There is no “ Tattva” superior to Him. His body is not made  up  of the combination of five elements i.e. earth, water, air, etc.  It is not also  composed of  of earth by elements like fat,  flesh etc. His body is beyond the range of  all sense-organs. His body is also immeasurable by these organs of even Brahma and other Devathas like Rudra,  Indra  etc.  On the other hand,  He controls the sense—organs of all these Devathas

                       A lotus emerges from His  “navel” which is like a “ Chakra” ( Discus) also called “ Pushkara” and “ Pundarika”. In His navel, the entire universe is contained.

 Visvakarma—suktha says:–

                       He who offered all these worlds as oblation in His own body i.e. All these worlds in their “ subtle” form were in His body

Bhagavan willed to take birth

Bhagavan willed to create all worlds

Bhagavan willed to become many and created two forms ( Virat Purusha & Hiranyagarbha) out of thousandth part of Himself. These are all out of His mere will. He produced two objects “ Satt and Asatt  ( sentiment and non-sentiment) and assigned duties to every one as shown in the “ Vedas”.  He controls “ Time”, death, and the moving and non—moving things. In all the worlds by His mere “ Sankalpa”. He does all these in no time .  He does not under go any change. He is always immutable and pure. To Him, this world is just an “atom” when compared to “ Parama pada ” (Srivaikuntam)

                                   His six knowledge are divided into three groups,  two in each. He is endowed with these six qualities in all their entity

1 Gnaana ( intelligence )

2. Bala  ( strength  )

3. Aisvarya  ( Lordship  )

4.  Veera  ( Valour )

5.  Sakthi  ( Ability  )

6.  Tejas  (unwearied energy  )

                                   He has the glory of continous enjoyment  of qualities and lordship which are innate to Him, endless, limitless and innumerable. He is truth, knowledge and infinity. He is bliss. He is full of tranquility and nectar. He shines by Himself, for Himself in an wonderful manner and not because He is either intelligent alone or bliss alone. He visualizes all objects by knowledge which is His quality, without assistance from anyone. He alone makes others know what is to be known. He is the Bhagavan of all , the Controller of all,  the Ruler of all,  and the Protector of all.

                             He does see that the vital airs enter the body of all creatures in the universe with His Divinity. He is  “ Prana”. Prana is Bhagavan. (vital air of life). He is speech. He is mind. He is associated with the celestial instruments which are named as five “ Sakthis” i.e. Time, Knowledge, Action, Desire and Life. Pranasakthi is supreme with six qualities

                                                                              (   To be contd  )

                                           Next Jems from the Scriputures —5  will continue

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