Gems from the scriptures–9——–

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Gems  from the scriptures–9—————————————————
In the previous gem –8, adiyen said like this—Baghvan doles out the four purusharthas, the ultimate values, as elected votaries, with His four arms, one for each. Here is a story—Now, please begin to read 
Sri Parasara Battar was in Thirukkoshtiyur. Sri Ananthaalvar met him and asked whether Baghvan is seen in Paramapada with two arms or four arms.  Battar replied stating that  Madhvas hold that Baghvan has only two arms,  while others  say four.  At Srirangam,  Periya Perumal , in the  serpent–bed, is seen by all of us ,  by naked  eyes,  with two arms,  while those with spiritual vision see four  arms  and  even more. 
Sri  Thiruppaanaazhvaar has seen Sri Ranganathar with four arms ( Amalanadipiran –verse 7 ). Mandodari see Sri Rama wielding the conch, discuss, and mace. Sri Hanuman saw Sri Rama with  many arms. Sri Krishna  was  seen by Vasudeva and Devaki with four  arms, right at birth.  Arjuna, in Kurukshetra, saw  Sri Krishna with thousands of arms, during ”visva roopa ”.One  need not make a fetish of this as  four–handedness need not necessarily be a special sign of Baghvan.
When the great Nanjeer was the spiritual Acharya,  Sri Pillai Achan , also a spiritual Guru, sought instructions from Dramidopanishad ( Thiruvaimozhi )Sri Nanjeer politely suggested to him to go to Nampillai ( disciple of Nanjeer ) and get sumptuous meanings at his hands.  Sri Achan was not for it on the plea that he cannot prostrate before Nampillai. But Nan jeer convinced Achan  and asked him to give Achan  discourses on Dramidopanishad,  without subjecting him to ceremonial formalities.  But,  upon  receiving the vyakyanams stressing the importance of veneration of Godlymen ,  even more than God, Achan  pegged Nampillai to treat him a humble disciple,  duly                          prostrating before  him.  But Nam pillai, declined  stating that he would  only obey the instructions of his Acharyan ,  Nanjeer.
At this stage, Achan  sought the intervention of Nanjeer and told that he be treated as a humble disciple of Nampillai,  as he came to know of the  glory of Godlymen,  the living saints. Baghvan’s lovely pair of feet fit to be adorned by one and all , high and low ,good or bad.
For those  who are unable to come and worship His lotus–feet, He moves in His unique vehicle namely Garuda,  the very embodiment of Vedas.  Garuda, who is holding in his palms,  the lotus–feet of Baghvan,  proclaims the supremacy of Baghvan, setting at naught, the  doubts of Vedic scholars Vedas say about the quick movement Baghvan in His vehicle Garuda –Our sampradayam praises Garuda as ”Periya Thiruvadi ” In most of the Vaishnavite temples ”Garuda seva” is so important, that too at Kanchipuram.  Baghvan gave darshan to Periyaazhvar in the Mada street of Madurai in His unique vahana namely Garuda.  When Gajendra cried ”Adimoolame”,  Baghvan came immediately to the scene from Sri Vaikunta in His vehicle Garuda.  In praise of Garuda, our Acharyan Swami Desikan gave us two stotras on ”Garuda” namely Garuda dantagam , and Garuda Panchasat  but  no such   any stotra on Siriya Tiruvadi namely Hanuman . This does not mean that Swami Desika omitted Hanuman but  in Raghu veer Gathyam , he elobarates the  fine qualities of Hanuman.
Baghvan is having ”panch arms—armatual” to protect His bakthas. Baghvan is having His own vehicle  Garuda to reach the place of trouble in no time. Let us pray Him and His Panchayuda and Garuda for ever 
To be continued as Gems from the scriptures –10–
Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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