Gems from the scriptures –10

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September 14  2012

Gems from the scriptures –10
                          Uruppattur Soundararajan

                                     Thaiththreeyam —Seekshavalli says “Mathru devo bhava”, “Pithru devo bhava” ” Acharya devo bhava”, ” Athithi devo bhava”                                         i.e. Treat mother as God, treat father as God, treat Acharyan as God, treat guest as God( simplest meaning known to all)  But there is deep and different meaning in these                                     If you say ” Mathru devo bhava”, remember Sri Mahalakshmi as ” Akhila jagan maatharam”, ” asmin maatharam”. If you say “pithru devo bhava” remember  Emperuman( Boothanam avyaya Pitha–Sahasranamam says) as He is the everlasting Father  to the entire Universe If you say “acharya devo bhava”,  remember the acharya who initiated to “manthrobadesams” of all manthras, who taught ” Grantha Sathushtyam” through ” Kalakshepam” and who changed you as “prapanna”. If you say “Athithi devo bhava”, remember ” bhagavathas”                                    In short, you should show affection  and bakthi to “mahalakshmi”,” Emperuman”, ” Acharya”, ” Bhagavathas”.  Amongst these four, Mahalakshmi’s “krupa” is most important and that is why, Seekshavalli says” Mathru devo bhava” first,  followed by ” pithru devo bhava ” etc                                     A jeevathma gets  relationship with  a Sathacharyan with the “krupa”( Nirhethukakrupa) of Emperuman. Whereas a jeevathma gets the “dasya “&divine relationship  with Emperuman by the “krupa” of Periya Piratti–Purushakara boothai.  This benefit—-everlasting benefit accrues  through the purushakara  act of Periya  Piratti. The greatness and glory of ” Swaroopa roopa gunas” of Mahalakshmi surpass those of Emperuman                           Sita ( Mahalakshmi)when She was in “ashoka Vana” pardoned and protected ” Raakshsis” who gave all sorts  distress, hindrance,  etc  to Her, even without any request from them. But, Emperuman as Sri Rama , pardoned ” Kakasura”,,” Vibhishana”  when they surrendered and prayed for protection. Emperuman gets the supremacy  because of Mahalakshmi(sradhdhayaa devo devathvamuchnuthe).                       Thiruppavai Jeer says in ” Aaraayirappadi”, Beauty because of Her, all qualities because of Her, excellence, greatness honour  because of Her,  simplicity, lustre, etc  because of Her, infact,  if proved,  all qualities are  there because of  Her to Emperuman.                      Thirumazhisai Azhvar says:– Apaanga bhooyamso yathupari  parambrahma thathabhooth”   Who is ” Parabrahmam” ?Most of the “kataksha veekshanam” of Mahalakshmi fall on Empeuman .  That is why  Emperuman  is Parabrahmam                    There are sookthas  which praise the glory of Mahalakshmi i.e. Sradda sooktham, Metha sooktham, Athithi sooktham, Vaak sooktham    besides “Sri  sooktham”                      Sri Lakshmi thanthram  is a part of ” Pancharaatra sastra.  This exposes the glory, excellence, greatness, etc of Mahalakshmi to Indra by Mahalakshmi Herself.  This thanthram contains 50 adyaayaas ( chapters).  In the last adyaayaa, Mahalakshmi explains the greatness and fame of ” Sri Sooktham”  —————————————————————                                            Sept 14. 2012
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