sandhyavandhanam–why ?

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Gayatri has the reference to SUN-GOD, the source of light, the origin of fire ,eye of the Universe etc
Here, it is necessary to tell about” Soorya-darshan “during the performance of

” Madyahnikam”. This ” darshan” when observed strictly according to the instructions, will give clear eye-sight throughout one’s life, without any eye-dis

This conveys our obeisance to that Divine which kindles our spiritual intelligence and enhance it further and further, when we do “jabham” 108/1008 times during every three Sandhyavandana performances everyday
This is a kind of spiritual exercise , when practiced, adds countless molecules in our spiritual activities and intelligence. Repeated performance of jabha adds our spiritual power correlating us and effecting wonderful organic relationship between us and Divine God and bring more and more unbelievable anugraha on the performer
Such of this spiritual faculty in us increases spiritual potency and prepares us supreme in intelligence, understanding, & provides us spiritual control over others besides giving vitality, beauty, intellect, strength, power etc etc
Then udvasana….

ease. There is specific manthra to this

Every karma should be done without attachment. At the beginning of each karma,
” Sattvika-tyaga” should be done. There are elobarate meanings to this” Sattvika-tyaga” But, in a very short line,it can be said thus;–
This “karma” has been commenced for the happiness/joy ( preethi) of Sriman Narayanan and at the end of the” karma “it has to be said that
this karma has been completed for the happiness of Sriman Narayanan .
 To be contd ..! 


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