Hitham & Priyam

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Hitham and Priyam
1. Difference between Hitam and Piriyam.
Piriyam is offered with love but may not be good eventually.
Hitam may be undesired at the beginning but good eventually.
2. Importance of being born in Swami desikan’s sampradayam. Understand papam and punyam. Should not commit more papams while experiencing them. Bhagavan follows Vedam for Srishti and gives life to Atmas based on the papas and punyas carried by them
3. What are Para Bhakti, Para Gyanam and Parama Bhakti as referred to by Swami Ramanuja in Saranagati Gadyam.
4. 8 types of Bhakti
• Being kind to all Bhagavathas
• Do not mind any criticism
• Encourage Bhagavathas doing Pooja
• Do Pooja ourself
• Perform Bhagavath Kainkaryam
• Think about Bhagavan’s naamam, stories and kalyana Gunam
• Unconditional service and Bhakti towards Bhagavan
• Being mad and search for Bhagavan and cannot live without him for a second
5. 32 types of Brahma Vidyai out of which Swami Desikan Sampradaya considers 10 as important. These 10 relate to the Dasoupanishad and talks about how to attain Bhagavan
6. Good qualities:
• vivekam: Controlling intake of food
• vimokam — no aasai
• abhyasam: bhagavan chintanai
• kriyai: nithya karma
• nyanam and anushtanam are two wings
• kalyanam:
• anavasadam
• anudvarsham
7. 9 types of relationship between Bhagavan and Atma
• paramatma—– jivatma
• pita—— putran
• acharyan—— sishyan
• pati—– patini
• bhokta——- bhogyam
• rakshagan—– rakhshikkapi padupavan
• swami sothu
• niyamanam seibavan
• seshan seshi
• aadharam
8. Bhakti are of 9 types
• Sravanam
• keertanam
• smaranam
• paada sevanam
• pooja
• vandanam: realising nanri
• dasayam
• sahyam: God is friend
• atma nivedanam
All these are so difficult so Swami Ramanuja and Desikan spread Saranagati instead of Bhakthi1526417_617297665004626_1836024530_n
Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam
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