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I am in this planet,to have my own independent journey.
I have no choice where to birth, towhom I have to birth,
where to live, withwhom I have to continue the journey,
how many children I will present to this planet etc.
But, my journey from my birth is an independent one.
This journey will see many ups and downs ,
but to have to be continued .
I will be appreciated, scolded, beaten up, satired, cheated,
by cunning people , but the journey has to continue—–
The goal of the journey may be different to the tastes and choices
of people who commenced the journey, . Epics say goal, acharyas
stipulate the goal, but most of us see the goal as more comfort
not only throughout the journey but also till the end of journey
forwhich some of them sacrifice their selfishness,
some of them do not want to sacrifice anything, but the journey
is independent.
I have to do the journey individually and independently,
as no one will come along with me till the end of my journey.
I have to face it individually with senility.
I am responsible for all my acts and deeds and I have to enjoy
the punishments also individually—that is why ,our poorvacharyaas
refused to take medicines etc ,when they suffered with disease.
I have no right to accuse others –even my kith and kin ,when I
am suffering with disease ,because it occurs due to my acts done
against the dictum of Bhagvan—-
This is life—
I have to face it without any bias ,till the journey ends


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