Choice is your’s

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Choice is your’s

It happens——when you meet some one new in a public place,working place, living place etc,
there will be ”sparks”,”exitement”, and ”newness” over your mind ,body and soul.

It depends upon the age, circumstances and behaviour.

It gives ”solace” to mind if you meet an elder who is your well–wisher,
an acharyan who gives advices
and an upanyasagar who elobarates the ”morals” through his lectures.

You have to rise up to these mentally —–otherwise, it does not give fruit

How this can happen ?

Due to mental agony,
due to mental torture,
due to poverty,
due to animosity,
due to distress,
due to enmity,
due to unattachmentor disinterest in worldly affairs etc etc

Anyone of these will give you a force to rise up mentally–
Then,you will search for a suitable guide , whether he is a friend, elder, or acharyan .
This search has to be done carefully with the grace of God because there are pollution even in the guise of
a friend, elder or acharyan.. But, there are elderly people who are genuinely ready to give solace to the people who
are in distress and who want to come out of the clutches of distress etc.

If your prayer to God is genuine, He will show you the right person —
Choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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