Choice is your’s –4

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Choice is your’s —-4

What is ”stroke ” ?

It is said ”brain attack”
It happens when the brain cells are deprived of oxygen ,when the blood flow is cut off.
This may lead to permenant paralysis of one side of the body .
This may lead to ”loss of speech”
In the olden days, our fore–fathers walked daily several miles (kms). At that time travel is limited.
It is very rare to go from village to another. Villages were self–contained;further, our fore–fathers were not
crazy to have multiple properties , like jewels houses , lands and carts .
They lead a life with satisfaction of what they had /inherited from their parents.There was no ‘;desire” to acquire more and more;
there was no jealousy between the ”haves” and ”have–nots ”.
But these were there in respect of learning –learning more and more. There was no pollution of water, air, atmosphere etc
at that period— they lived long lives—perfect with all— bodily and mentally. Eyes were bright ( I will explain this in another episode )
Mind was alert till their last days.
This prevented them from ”stroke”.
Of course, in some of the incidents, Baghvan cured this when His ardent devotees suffered ”loss of speech” ”paralysis”
as seen from Ithihasas and puranas and even from the biography of some dedicated musicians and dedicated bakthas .
I like to say these—–
Baghvan has given TWO legs .
When we walk, one step is for our profession to eke our livelyhood and another step is for reaching HIM.
If we take both simalteneously in our life, our travel will end peacefully towards His lotus–feet.
We should not post-pone ”aradhana”, ” recital of slokas”, ”visits to temples” , ”hearing upadesams”
to our 60s /70s of age.
When we try to earn money to protect our family, we should take other step also mentioned above
which is the only way for our ”Atma”‘ (jeevatma/jeevan –or in any name ) to reach the lotus feet of Baghvan
as no one will accompany us ( Atma) either wife/husband, children/kith and kin , properties acquired ,
except our ”papa and punya ”.
Therefore, begin your life atleast now while walkiing
one step for ”jeevanam” and another step for ”ujjeevanam”
Then the choice is your’s

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