Choice is your’s—-5

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Choice is your’s —-5

Sorrow and joy are natural in life. Many say that throughout our life
we face sorrow sorrow nothing else

Every action has got it’s own reaction —this is the theory we read in our classes.
action—-birth from a womb of a mother
Reaction—-crying,weeping at that time
Is it sorrow or joy ?
Sorrow to the child who touched the earth at the time of birth
Joy to the parents and relatives

Everything is acting according to the dictum of Baghvan.
So, we have to learn to accept whatever the result
comes subsequent to our action with magnanimity and equanimity.
If we sow millet ,we will harvest millets ;but if we sow ”evil”, we will harvest ”evils” only.

Sorrow is an experiment . If we try to run away it will chase us like a shadow.
We have to take it as a challenge and a test, forced on us by Baghvan for the ill–deeds done by us
either now in this life or in the previous lives.

We have to understand that whatever happened in our life ,it so happened for our best. We have to face
sorrow courageously . At the same time, we should not criticise others/ Baghvan for these sorrow
as we –we are the only person responsible for this sorrow
”Nanrum, theethum pirar thara vaaraa”—-tamil proverb.

But when we experience joyness ,we should not be arrogant

One has to keep it in mind that sorrow and joy are hand-cuffs made of iron and gold
One has to treat them equally with contempt

Then , the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam


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