Choice is your’s–6

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The Choice is your’s —-6

Every one faces problem in their lives.There is no creation without any problem.
Take trees, mountains, animals etc—everything faces problems.
Trees—when it gives fruits
Mountain–when it is having marble etc
Animals—to survive

We are human beings. We are also facing many many problems.
Do you know who created the problem ? The problem has been created by you—you alone—


You favour one thing—-you try to get it cermoniousy or otherwise –problem begins–

The problem arises when you try to acquire something , when you fight to get it ,
These are all worldly affairs.

But if you want to attain the lotus–feet of Baghvan, there is also problem.
This is geniune—If you try for this, family duties will block you–relatives will stand against you.
These problems are ever there—no end to these.
You have to put them one side , you have to march forward to reach Baghvan.

If you are afraid and mingle with the problems, what is the gurantee that you will again
appear as a human–being in the next birth ?
If your next birth is a tree or animal, you lost an golden opportunity of reaching Vaikuntam
without any re-birth .
You have to do your duty by doing ”aradhanam”,” jabham ” ,
”reciting slokas ” etc whenever you find time. In fact , you have to find time for these
in addition to find time for facing the family or other problems. Thus,
you have to face all these problems simalteneously ,
When you begin to do ”sandhya”, a worldly problem will raise it’s head. When you begin to recite
some ”sloka”, the sound from T.V will bombard you. when you commence your jabham ,
there will be diversion of thoughts affecting your concentration on ”jabham”
These are all obstacles–problems blocking you—You have to face them if you really want to attain ”moksha’;’

Therefore, facing problem to reach Baghvan is for good and should be welcomed

Then the choice is your’s

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