choice is your’s—7

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choice is your’s—7

Every adult is having inner child. Whether you are a father , mother
a grand–pa , grand-ma you are having a child with you .
But, as an adult , you cannot behave like a child in a Society
said to be advanced in culture, civilization etc.
You have to show your maturity according to your age.

You can say that I am o.k. with growing old in your age ,
but the childishness will not disappear completely. You have
to analyse between ”child like” and ”childish ”.
The childishness is always eager to get attention and you
cannot silence this inner voice.
This will be heard louder and louder when you face ”misery”,
”sorrow”, ”pain”, etc in your walk of life.
As an adult you cannot exhibit your childishness
to outside people whether they are your parents
wife/husband etc. At that critical juncture , salvation is
to run towards Baghvan as a child… to cry before Him.
He will not treat you as an adult , but He will hear
your prayer, treating you as His beloved child.
That is why Azhwars, Acharyas etc showed the way of
catching His lotus–feet tightly as a child by their ”pasurams”,
”teachings” etc etc .

No need to be ashamed as an elder to exhibit your
childish way of prayer to Him, when your kith and kin
laugh behind you about your childishness behaviour .
Baghvan will erase your tears as a Divine mother/Father
and help you

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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