Choice is your’s—-8

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Choice is your’s—-8

Favourite—-What is it ?

Favourite is everything.
What is your favourite food ?
Whati is your favourite teacher ?
Whati is your favourite habit ?
Whati is your favourite place to live-in ?
and so on .

You will be favoured either by your father/mother /relative when you are in tender age
You will be favoured with presentations when you scored well in your studies
You will be favoured with gift when you engage your life–partner
You will be favoured with a child in your married life
There are different meanings between ”favourite ” and ”favour”
Another one is ”favouritsm”
This favouritsm extends if you ”favour” one among the contestants ,
when you asked to preside over an interview.

Leave these all in one side !

In your life, is there anyone asking you who is your favourite GOD ?
Is there any one identified and shown to you the favourite GOD ?
Mostly, the answer is NO.
Is it not necessary to have your own favourite GOD in your life ?
If that favour occurs, you will be favoured by GOD.
If you take one step forward towards GOD, He takes four steps towards you.
So, this is ”favourite ”.

Then, the choice is your’s
— — —
Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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