Choice is your’s—-9

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Choice is your’s—-9

Currency, coin, & stone !

There was a poor man standing out side his house..
From the above, currency note dropped on him.
He picked up with joy and wished the wind which forced the currency note
to fell on him.

After few minutes, coins poured on him and he was very happy
to the sky which helped him

After that, some more few minutes later, stones poured on him.
With angry, he raised his head and saw one divine lady above him

She said—
Oh–poor man—–
Why this anger —? You accepted currency and coins happily ,
but when you received stones you were angry —-
I have thrown currency note on you; I have thrown coins on you .
But you have not raised your head. You felt that there was no use
to raise your head when you received currency and coins
But when you saw stones ,you raised your head—
God is like Stone—-If you want to worship God you have to raise your head upwards—
There, you can see clouds, sky, sun etc —-
They are all reprentative of God—
This will lead you to search for God—-
Then you will see God in all ”pancha boothaa”, in the shape of your parents ,
acharya, in the temples , in the vigraha etc —-
Finally, you will feel that God is everywhere–
You will also feel that God is in your heart as ”antharyami”.

If you really want to get rid of poverty, you can try this holy way which will
give you wealth and finally ”moksha” as by that time you will realise that
the real wealth is the lotus feet of God—-
Suddenly, the divine lady disappeared—
What about you—–!

The choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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