Choice is your’s–10

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Choice is your’s—–10

Which is your pet ?
So many thousands and thousands of people are in the habit of having pet animals from their child-hood. Either it be cat, dog , rabbit or even snake —all sorts of animals are pet to them
Our elders used to say that if you hug a cat holding it in your hands ,thousands of it’s hair will fall down , which denote ”sin” that you are committing —
This may be for many other reasons —-scientifically also.
Diseases occur from the pet–animals to the people who are nurturing these ,than that of diseases
during monsoon change etc.

Do you know one thing—-?
When you happened to have a small vigraha of ”Perumal” from your childhood, as a pet one the question of committing ”sin” or getting diseases is ruled out. On the other hand you will be
fully absorbed with the divine beauty (திருமேனி ஸௌந்தர்யம் ) of that Perumal—
சங்கு சக்ர கதாபாணியாக —–
What a divine smile in the face welcoming you showing ”abhaya hastham—” !
Have you heard the glories of ”Archavadara” ?
Have you read these –?
Girls of other religion showed the way to you—- ( namperumal – Selvap pillai etc )
But why are you ashamed to give a small Perumal vigraha to your small child while he/she is playing ? Will it not kindle the affection ?
Will it not lead the child to do worship by going temples when he/she grew further ?
Will it not give solace to him/her at the time of sorrow or distress ?
Is it the way of nurturing your child ?

When your parents failed to do these , it is understandable —!
( many reasons beyond their control )
Is it necessary for you to travel in the same path ?

You have to leave behind a ”sathvik”, God–fearing , citizen to this Country—forwhich ,good conducts, good behaviour etc have to be sowed in their hearts —
This will grow further and further if a small vigraha is given at the tender-age as a pet — one

Then, the choice is your’s —-

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