Choice is your’s–11

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Choice is your’s –11

You would have heard ”Ithihasas”, ”puranas” during religious lectures.
In ”Mahabaratham”, Uthishtra pawned all properties one by one and
also his four brothers, himself and Droupathi
In nowhere , you can see that anyone pawned their family deity —
even dreamt it—-
Even if they are ready to give up their entire life , soul etc,
and leave the world , they refused to pawn their family deity—
Family deity is so important , generation to generation
You see—-now there is no family deity in most of the houses–
either in the name of ”vigraha” or in the name of ”salagrama”.
( worship of photos of Gods are not in our sampradaya )

Most of these people say with ”pride” that they gave up
”salagramas” to the temples, as they are not able to observe
the dictates of scriptures according to sastras or according to their
”kula dharma”
What a pity—-!

Is it not ”treasure” given by their fore–fathers to them ?
Even, if someone is having ”salagrama” in their homes,
they do not come forward to perform ”aradhana”.
I do not understand —why—?

Is it not the fact that this salagrama ,protecting your family
from the days of your fore–fathers ?
Is it not true that every member of your family is protected by
your aradhana in their day to day life ?
Is it good for you, to omit this aradhana on flimsy and avoidable reasons ?
Is it not bad when you spend your time to see televisions always,
to chit–chat in the mobile phone , to attend absurd things ,
and spreading ”gossips”, but pretending that you have no time
to perform aradhana to salagrama perumal in you home ?
If you pretend , Salagrama also will pretend —that is the beginning
of your and your families end .
Then, the choice is your’s


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