Choice is your’s—-12

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Choice is your’s —–12


Every one is having son or daughter or both. Some of the couples ,
when there is no child, adopt a child with their choice either
from their blood–relations or from orphonage.
For what –? bequeath their property—
Which property ? their earnings–movables and immovables.

In most of the cases, these adopted heirs drive away parents ,
seizing the property stealthily—-
Then, where these parents go–? Old age home

That is why , you have to choose adoption carefully.
If you ignore worldly adoption , you can enter into other adoption
whether you are having children or not.You have to do this—-

I shall explain—-
Do you know Sri Rama from Srimath Ramayana —?
How was he –?
He never went away from the commands of His parents.
He never refused to carry out the duties to His parents.
Why can’t you adopt Him as your young child –?

If you see anything against it, you can choose Sri Krishna !
What a wonderful ”bala leela” of Sri Krishna !
Have you read Srimath Baghavatham—10th Skantha (தசமஸ்கந்தம் )
If not, please visit my web–site where you can find ”தசமஸ்கந்தம்–
You will be fully absorbed with the wonderful leelas of Sri Krisha !
You will loose your heart to Him !
Your mind will always follow Him !
That is why Azhvars were in full infatutation with Him.
That is why Azhvars fainted while enjoying His leela
That is why Sri Andal was full of His adoration as seen from her pasurams.

You can adopt this small child of Krishna as your adoption
.He will solve your problems . This adoption will lead you to peaceful life.
This adoption will give you endless joy !
Maharishis, Azhvars vouch this.
This sort of adoption may vary to Sri Nrusimhan, Sri Varahan,
Sri Mahalakshmi , Sri Sudarsana etc

You have to bear this in mind.
Whether you are having children or not, you should adopt
any one of these as suggested above,for your salvation.
This is salubrity to your body and soul.
This is an salutary suggestion to you—
People will extend their salutations to you .
This way of adoption was prevelant during the days of our fore–fathers.
But, have you heard this at any time ?

You can choose this way of holy and divine adoption ,if you feel that
my suggestion touches your heart and mind !
If not, you can leave it–
However, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaamvaduvoor-10561702_663143107117847_7207370456087780404_n

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