Choice is your’s—13

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Choice is your’s—–13

Child developement or Child-hood developement

Whatever it may be, it is there in our Country for the past so many years ,
What is the child developement —-?

Child health, child nutrition related distribution of food to them etc.
This is quite welcome. Children should be hale and healthy , because they are
responsible citizens when they grow up to lead our nation, in the future.
Is it enough—-?
What is the progress so far ?
Central Government , State Governments, Non–Government Organisations etc
are all competing in this field–
What is the result ?
When they grow up, their body–structure will be fine—
What about their mental–structure —?
When they grow up, they are not able to come out of their stress;
they are not able to compete with others in all the fields in their walk of life;
In some States, these youngsters go to Maoists, go as extremists —-
These children are growing as ”materialists” when they come out from the colleges
Are we shaping the children as a true ,dedicated , patriotic citizen ?
Is it the way of Child Developement –?

You can see in the text–books of primary Schools that there is no moral stories
There is no moral instruction periods in these schools—
Is it not the responsibility of the Governments to develope both mental strength and body-strength
to the children from their tender age ?
If you feel that it is not in our hands ,can you not give such moral stories in you home –?
Why can’t you say to them about ”Ithihasas”. ”puranas” which are treasures of moral stories
Why can’t you teach some stotras, teach good behaviours in you home ?
At least these children, when grow up, will become responsible citizens of our Country
with mental strength—
Not only your fore–fathers ,but also your next generation has to carry the noble values

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaamChoice is your’s—13

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