Choice is your’s–16

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Choice is your’s —16

Do you know what is ”Dharbam”

Dharbam is used as ring in the right hand ring finger during auspicious & inauspicious occasions

This is one of the practices widely used by the Brahmins,

whether ”smartha”, ”vaishnava”, or ”madhva” all over using

this Holy Grass named Dharbham or Dharbai.

The botonical name is Eragrostis cynosuroides.

In hindi, they call as Kus or Kusha.

It is said that a medical practitioner took this dharbam —”grass”,

went straight to the clinic to take an x-ray of his palm,

by covering his hand with the Dharbham.

To his utter surprise, he found that the grass absorbed

about 60% of the (x-ray) radiation!

When the so powerful X-ray radiation can be absorbed by this dharbam, why can it not absorb the ill-radiations spread over the atmosphere surrounding us ?

While chanting and reciting some Vedic phrases and versus,
one must wear a ring made of Dharbham on his right hand ring finger.
This is most essential, while performing all the rituals,
such as Agni Santhanam, Thiru-Aaradhanam, all sorts of
yakjams, Homams etc.

Do you know the different usage at different times ?

The count of leaves depends upon the function that is held
viz.:for Auspicious and daily routine a ring made of two leaves is used; for some functions related to death only Single leaf Dharbham is used; for inauspicious but not death related functions,
(i.e. Amavasya Tharppanam,Pithru Pooja etc) a three leaf Dharbham ring is used.

And by ”archakas” in the Temple Prayer , Pooja etc , a four-leaf Dharbham ring is used.
Also, when a fire ritual known as Agni Santhana is performed,
these Dharbham are spread all the four sides of the Agni Kundam, according to the sastras .

Also, during the Eclipse time, these Dharbham are used to cover all food items stored in our home to protect them from the harmful ultra violet radiation that will emanate during this eclipses. After the eclipse is over and after your bath etc, you can use the food items
Whenever any function is held, firstly they perform a site-cleansing act known as “Sudhhi Punyaahavachanam”.While reciting the selective versus, they hold the Dharbham bunch in their right hand
and placing the tip point of it( sharp point –thinner side of dharbam)over the brass/copper/ silver/gold /vessel containing water till it’s neck.
Thus the”Sudhhi Punyaahavachana manthra” so recited by atleast four vedic pundits is absorbed through vibration in the water in the vessel through this Dharbham bunch.
They found that the Holy Grass known as Dharbham has the highest value in conducting the phonetic vibrations through its tip.
Later, they sprinkle the Holy water at every nook and corner of the place, where the function is held.
A Dharbham without the tip is considered of no value, as the conductor-type value is lost
You have to wear ”dharbam” as mentioned above , on all occasions described here.
This will certainly give you the desired result
Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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