Choice is your’s—-19

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Choice is your’s—-19


As soon as you born in this world, ownership commences—
You own a mother, a father, brothers, sisters, and other relatives

Likewise, parents do have your ownership as son , daughter —

This ownership spreads from your birth to a school–teacher, friend etc.
Teacher claims that he owns you as his student. Your boss claims that you are his employee.

After marriage, this ownership binds a boy and a girl as husband and wife.
These are all o.k.

But do you know the space of ownership –?
Parents are firm about the ownership of their children. This cry of ownership creates control— parents controlling their children,teacher controlling his student,employer controlling his employee,spouse controlling each other——
They feel that they have absolute right to control.
Because of this , problem starts—-by way of control, by way of thrusting your words /commands on them.
Is it correct ?

Is it not advisable to parents to guide and not to control their children at certain age ?
தோளுக்குமேல் உயர்ந்தால் தோழன்—-
Is it not worth on the parents to allow their children to go to study/ to earn /to live according to their wish, which appears reasonable to them.
Is it correct on the part of parents to feel openly that their grown–up children as their ”property ” ?
Is it not foolishness if a boy says that his wife as his property and also if a girl says that her husband is her property ?

These are all absurd, power–crazy, possessiveness,and dictatorship—-
It is disrespectful to say ”you own others”.

People, you feel, that they are your property have the option to leave you abruptly,if you treat them as your property.These are not real—This is like a travel in a train journey–
Whenever a station comes, your relative will leave you –leave you permenantly–you will not see him/her again in you walk of life—This is God’s will—No one canpredict—-no one can question—no one can answer—–

On the other hand, if you manitain some distance from your children,without any possessiveness etc, they will feel your loneliness and will try to be with you.

Do you know one thing—-?
God has given you birth— If He wants to possess you , He has got every right for that. He has got absolute right to own you—-

But, you see—-He allows you to choose your path by giving you
sixth sense, sastras, which guide you about ”dos and dont’s .
He never interferes with you —unless you pray for Him.
He is watching your activities as ”antharyami”.
You have to take lessons from Him—-about possessiveness ,ownership etc–

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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