Choice is your’s—20

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Choice is your’s—–20

”Trust” is so important in every one’s life.
Trust your children, if you have taught them what are all moral ethics —
Trust yourself , if you feel that ”I am practising what I taught to others”

Trust your life–partner after marriage ,if you are acting ”trust–worthy–”
Trust your parents that they are telling what are best for you to lead your life
I am not giving ”sermon” to you, as I am not worth for it—

You can say that you have been cheated by the people you had ”trust”.
This depends upon the people—
Most of the people around you will be ”untrustworthy”—but you have
to carefully choose them , and then ”trust;” them.
But I can say one thing—-
The only ”trust” that will ever last ,that will solace to you, that will not cheat you,
is ”God”. If you have absolute trust with Him, He will protect you from your
Trust with God is a faith that will give strength to face problems and to come out
from them successfully.
Trust with God is a right path to you that will lead you peacefully ,eventhough
you face hurdles in your path—-

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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