Choice is your’s—-21

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Choice is your’s—-21

misery–It is also called—affliction /grief

If you poke into your energy, you will come to know how negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, negative acts, resulting in diseases—–

you are in the midst of worries —you are living in a society which gives more worries ,than happiness to you which leads to ”misery”.
This misery leads you to negative thought and actions.Then, diseases surround you—-
Thus you are consuming ”misery” without your wish.
This misery is economically forcing you to immense with it deeply.

I shall explain——

You want to be self–worthy in this Society—is indeed—-?
You want to have some”Stature” amongst the people surrounding you—

When you see yourself in a mirror, you see ”wrinkles”. You purchase anti–ageing creams .
You want to change your complextion—then you go to ”fairness products” These are all give you unimaginable discomfort in the name of some diseases .Beyond your means, you go deeper and deeper in the hell of your economy—

That is why our fore–fathers lead a simple life, residing in huts ,having only two dhoties and rejecting all worlderly pleasures.

They were concentrating their mental energy etc on GOD.
They felt satisfied what they got to lead day–to–day life.
They never sought for more worlderly wealth such as bungalows, cars, jewels, etc.

Your craziness to acquire each and everything when you hear, when you see etc, should be avoided.
Instead, your craziness should be diverted to hear the ”kalyana gunas” of Srima Narayanan to go to kshethrams to worship Him to do kainkaryams to Him, and to His adiyars i.e. servants etc.

This kind of craziness will lead you to healthy, peaceful life, resulting in ”moksha” –no rebirth at all.

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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