Choice is your’s—22

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Choice is your’s—22


”Stress” comes to you on several reasons–It affects you unexpectedly–
It gives you sleepless nights,fade of memory, less attention to your
important duties etc.
You have to avoid ”stress” if and when you feel it —
Your family worries,your professional problems are the main reasons to get stress. In your life ,there will be all sorts of these problems but you have to deal them boldly.
You should have mental strength to face all these ”stress”. This mental strength will give a proper approach for each and every problem.
You will examine without bias and deal with the problem
with out any stress.
Then, how to get this mental-strength ——

I shall explain this—-
In day-to-day life, you should meditate atleast half-an-hour
in the morning times every day—

What is this meditation ?
You should sit on a wooden-plank facing east or north,without any thought in your head, which is not easy at the beginning.
But, you should practise this—-

Switch off your mobile phone, switch of your telephone, even electrict lights ,calling bell etc ( both sound and light), except oil-lamp in the pooja room where you can sit.
The duration of few minutes from the beginning may be increased every day,
and when you feel that you have NO thoughts in your mind , bring the ”Archa Vigraha”of Emperuman of your like , in your thought.
Then, fix Him in your memory and heart—

This can take some more days. After you feel that whenever you sit in the wooden-plank in the mornings ,you see the Archa vigraha in your heart, then recite stotras of your like for few minutes. This can be at your choice.

After few days whenever you sit in the wooden–plank ,automatically you will recite stotra/sloka/ do jabham —-

This kind of meditation will lead you to stress–free life. This kind of meditation will give you mental-strength to face and solve the problems ,that you come across , to your surprise–!

While you meditate like this, the recital of stotras/slokas or
doing ”jabhams” of powerful manthra of Sri Nrusimhan/
Sri Sudarsanar/ Sri Dhavanthri/ Sri Mahalakshmi/ Sri Krishna/ Sri Rama/ Sri Varaha/ Sri Santhana Krishna/any other deity of your like will certainly give you the desired result.
This is morethan hundred percent true—-

Then, the choice is your’s

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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