Choice is your’s—-23

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Choice is your’s—-23
Have you felt at any time, that your face matches your name given by your parent ?
Generally, if you hear a name ”Senthaamaraik kannan” , you would have imagined that he has got broader and attractive eyes. But, if you happened to see him, his eyes do not deserve that imagination.
There are several diametrically opposite faces and names like these
Another thing—–
When there is a man by name ”Gunasekaran” or ”Gunaseelan”, you cannot expect from him any ”noble character”. His character will be quite contrary to his name .
You will find it in the names of women also ,like these—-
Our anchestors named their children with Gods’ names such as Parthasarathy ,Narayanan , etc etc as the parents will reach ”Paramapatham” when they call their children as ”Narayana”, ”Madhava”, out of mere affection during their last breathe,
though they most of them do not deserve for it——
This practice is slowly disappearing now with so called ”modern names”.
We can come to God —His face and character
Do you know that there is complete ”unity”/ ”agreemaent” with the face and character of Bagvan !
Imagine that you worship Baghvan with all decorations meticulasly–
Like this, imagine your God as Rama, as Krishna, as Nrusimha, as Hayagreeva ,God will appear as worshipped by you, as likened by you , if you are most sincere in your worship. Ithihasas, Puranas vouchsafe these—
So, it is for you to have a name which reminds God —not your face–
It is enough—-
You need not worry about your face ,worrying yourself that your face does not match your name
You need not wander hither and thither to change your name —!
You and I—all people— will disappear one day or other from this world Your deeds , done by you according to sastras will force the next generation to remember you , by way of these acts and deeds and not by your face –which can be pleasant or unpleasant —-
But, God will show His face and His ”Kalyana Gunas” according to your worship
Is it not enough ?
Then, the choice is your’s ——

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