Choice is your’s—24

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Choice is your’s—24


This is called ” uninterrupted practice ”

To achieve something in your life, you should aim for this —

That aim should be according to good conduct and

behaviour without committing ”sins”.

The path to reach the ”aim”, to achieve this ”aim”, should be

according to Sastras.

You should have ”self–trust” in your aim ,self–decision

examining other suggesstions from your well–wishers.

You should have courage to travel in the right path and

transperancy in your activities.

You should dream to achieve your aim and trust your good

habits to attract others , instead of relying on your material


Finally, you should have self–respect .

This ”Sadhana” is in two parts —-

The first one is —your dream visiting beautiful places,

having friendship

with those who will be praising you ever, possessing all wealth

during your life time etc .

If you achieve these or any one , this is ”sadhana”.

Have you ever thought of this kind of ”Sadhana” ?

If the answer is ”yes”, have you achieved any one stated

above till now ?

Do you know that this kind of ”Sadhana” is not ever–lasting ?

Yes—true—-This kind of Sadhana will not give you

pleasure,happiness etc throughout you life.

Is it really a ”Sadhana” ?

The respect you earned in the Society will disappear one fine


Beautiful places will be swallowed by earth–quakes,

sea–erosion etc .

Friendship will change at any time— wealth will be looted by

your ”foes”.

Is it Sadhana/achievement /

Is it a real sadhana ?


Then what is real Sadhana ?


Your desire to reach the Lotus–feet of Baghvan is a real

Sadhana —


In the previous one, you have to come to this world again

again by

various births — in the form of tree/ animal/ human being etc

There is no end to this vicious circle

Will you remember your previous births and ”sadhanas ”—?

No, never—then what is the use to such a ”sadhana” in this

material world ?

I told you that the real Sadhana is to reach the Lotus–feet of


Then, you will ask me ”how”–?

I shall explain ——-

If you want to get rid of this worldly sorrow, pains ,diseases

etc etc ,

you should practise this Sadhana –real one —

At the out set, you should desire to reach ”

Paramapatham”–this should be your aim —

This desire may be called ”love”, ”devotion” —and this will

induce you to ”Bakthi”— noble affection with God—-

Then, you will be hungry mentally, to know further and

further about Him.

This will lead you to choose a ”right Acharyan —” .

Now a days, it is difficult to get a qualified , genunine

Acharyan —

virtues are fading—

But you have to search—till your mind and heart say

that a suitable Acharyan has been found.

Your sincere search will certainly get an Acharyan —

These are the steps–ways –to reach your noble aim–

Grasping his teachings, upadesams, and watching his

anushtanams are the further step to

go nearer to your goal—aim.

These are all the pucca road for your travel to reach your


If you attain the Lotus–feet of Baghvan at the end of your


it is the ”best Sadhana”.

You have to think deeper and deeper which Sadhana

is permenantly beneficial both to your body and Athma

The choice is your’s

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