Choice is your’s—25

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Choice is your’s —-25

Thanks–to whom–why –?

Imagine that you reached 70 years of age–
Imagine also that you are affected by a disease which made you unable to urinate.
The doctors told you that you need an operation to cure the disease.Because of unberable pain,
you agreed to this operation, as the problem was growing minute by minute giving you severe pain .
When the operation was completed the doctor gave a bill which covered all the costs
. After looking at the bill, you wept like a child—.
Upon seeing you weeping , the doctor said
” Instead of thanking me ,you are weeping–if you feel that the cost is too high, then we could make some other arrangements for you.”

At that juncture I replied —-
“He is not weeping because of the money you claimed in the bill, Doctor
but he is weeping because Baghvan let him urinate for 70 years and He never thought of sending a bill
and never expected to thank Him !”

You appreciated my expressions to Doctor—-Is indeed ?

Here we have to think deeply—
Have we ever thanked our Baghvan for His countless krupa on us ? Are we grateful to Him ?
He has given excellent water–courses to bathe, drink, to perform nithya karmas, but we are mixing these watercourses with
drainage water , tannery wastes, dye–wastes etc etc
He has given us free oxygen (air) since we were born;but, we are polluting it around us with more smokes from factories, automobiles,
atom testing etc.
He has given light through our eyes to see good things, good behaviour ,to study His commands , but we are using it to see bad things
pictures ,series, and to do sins in broad day–light
He has given mind and knowledge to distinguish between good and bad; but we are utilizing them for worst purposes
He has given a living space to live here in this world but we are misusing it for so many purposes and even trying to grab others’ lands also
Our curriculm teaches us to say ”thanks” when ever and where ever a helping hand is extended to us, but this curriculam never asks us to thank ”Baghvan” who is omnipotent, omnipresent , but at the same time, extends His souseelyam soulabyam etc divya gunas( He is Shaatkunya paripoornan ) on us
Is all that Baghvan does for us — ( we, worthless ,cunning, most-selfish, arrogant, haughty ) not worth thanking Him for?
Can we not see that Baghvan is so gracious, merciful and full of compassion?
Is it not our prime duty to thank Him every minute ,by way of slokas, archanas, bhajans ,etc ?

Thanks to whom —why—?

The choice is your’s—-

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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