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13895306_626660220844449_403981234058974987_nWhat is the use—-  if we   perform pooja  with dedication /

if we go to temples / etc

though  we are a post-graduate  degree holders  or

well–settled in our life  or

leading  a comfortable life 

when we talk something boasting ourselves or

when we fail to atleast hear what others say, leave alone the elders and

when we threw all etiquettes  while  moving  with the people surrounding us .

There are several examples to these —

Very few are asunder—–

 Entering and sitting audaciously without caring elders, when we go  to elders houses  —-

Not hearing the words ,when others say something—-

Refusing to give simple respect to the asthikas and ”prasad” also , 

when they present ”prasad” from the temples—

These show that the elders failed miserably

to teach what are all required to the next generation

Mere education, mere accumulation of wealth

will spoil the minds of younger generation and

lead them to misery  and loss of everything ,

if the elders failed to teach the good habits 

at appropriate  period of age, whether they are boys or girls —-

 This generation’s responsibility is more than their parents 

 Then the choice is your’s       

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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