Navagrahas in Vedic Astrology— How they affect a native 

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In our Vedas, there are plenty of chlokas about astrlogy—i.e. Vedic  Astrology

But, Vedadyaayees, or any other experts in Vedas, cannot understand  the details

such  as  various  Grahas  and how their movements affect the livings

( all creatures —  mountains, trees, beasts  birds , rivers, including humam beings ), on earth—

 Ancient Vedic Astrology, available in  Vedas, mainly explains  the  creation of this Universe,

and its relationship with man born  in this Universe several countless times—.

But this is NOT  easy to analyse everything  without deep knowledge of Metaphysics.

Here ,comes Maharishis of ancient Bharat —

They studied each and every chloka very deeply, and found the waves created

by each Graha  and how these waves affect the lives of livings on earth—

 They discovered ” cosmic energy” and calculated its effects.

It is differnciated  as ”good energy ” and ”negative energy ”.

They thus presented ”Vedic Astrology “‘ to the man–kind .

In this ”Vedic Astrology ”, they gave  practical ways to eradicate  negative energies of

Grahas  in our lives and the way throughwhich to get  blessings of good energies.

Vedic Astrology guides us to seek a better life blocking  the negative energies

of planets  ( Nava grahas )

 Parasarar  classifies this  as predictive astrology  and explains

asto how a human being can be got protected from  malefic ones.

Vedic chlokas explain as to  how the presence of planets ( Navagrahas )

in each house ( in horoscope ) can create particular  effects

on the owner of that particular horoscope.

 These Navagrahas  are prayed and invoked as  Semi–Gods 

Power of Mars is represented by Sri Nrusimha/  Muruga,

Sun by LordSoorya Narayana & so on.

The Predictive Astrology:

In Vedic Astrology, Moon is a very important Graha 

and the Moon sign of a person is considered his or her Rasi

. It is the combined study of the yogas, qualities of the 9 Grahas, their influence on the 12 houses,

and how the qualities or gunas like Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas, and five primordial elements

like space, air, fire, water and earth influence  in one’s  life.

Modern Vedic Astrology has evolved over the years and at present,

it is popular as a predictive astrology that forecasts about individuals

from their birth-charts based on the time and place of birth.

And here lies the most sensitive point of this field –

what percentage of accuracy in predicting human life can be achieved?

Perhaps 75 percent, at least this is the common belief.

The role of astrologer:

Here is two sections–one according to ”Vagya panchanga” and another 

on ”tric  ganitha”

Each section boasts their accuracy when telling the predictions of a native.

But it can be vouchsafed only by the native who suffers or get benefits 

as per the versions of the astrloger 

 But,  surely an individual can gain  knowledge about himself or herself

from Vedic astrology  .

 An astrloger   interacts with  the natives ,  study  their  birth-chart  mainly,

 tells  about the nature and inclinations of the native.

He makes one aware of the good and the bad influences of Grahas

and such awareness of  powers  of Grahas  helps a native  with better abilities

to make  correct  decisions  in  his / her  life.

The remedies in Vedic astrology:

When Grahas  are in debilitated state, or in retrograde

they bring lot of hardship to the native.

There are certain strong afflictions of Grahas 

in birth-charts such as Pitru Dosha, Kaal Sarpa Dosha,

Shani Dosha, and Mangalya Dosha, which prevent the native

from enjoying the good effects of  Grahas .

Vedic Astrology suggests remedial measures  as follows —

 1.Chanting of Mantras ( through jabams) ,forwhich an Acharyan well versed 

in giving ”upadesams” should tute the seeker in a proper way 

This is more or less a direct contact from the affected one with the 

Semi–God such as Saturn, soorya  etc with full dedication. 

( Please read adiyen’s books ”Chinna chinna Vishayangal “‘ )

2.  Performing ”poojas” to ”Yanthras” as orderd by an Acharyan–here also 

he should be fully conversant  with all rituals ( Prayoga order ) .

3. wearing beads garlands (like lotus , Tulsi ) and observing practices

such as fasting on the days when the Grahas  are so  powerful as per  

the version of Astrologer 

4. Performing ”homams” strictly according to Sastras forwhich 

”Ruthvics”, Acharyan and others participating in the performance 

should observe certain code of conducts  strictly. 

5. Visiting temples and get the poojas performed on a particular day and time

including ”abishegam”  , neyvedyam  etc —

6. Chanting ”chlokas” in front of the Deity every day for 48 days or so 

( Adiyen has written and published a book ”Govindan thunai irukkak Kol yenseyum ?”

i.e. Navagrahas cannot give bad effects when Sri Govindan helps you by your side )

giving details of chlokas, pasurams –one has to recite when the astrologer 

predicts some evil effects )

In addition to these, now adays,  there are various instructions given

by the astrologer to get rid of evil effects ,whether they are inscribed

in the scriptures or not –( that particular deity only knows )

While summarising all these, 

Vedic Astrology  is derived from ”Vedas”—-

this predictive astrology  gives accurate predictions 

from an expert astrologer when the time of birth of a native is also accurate 


there are various remedial measures to get rid of evil effects of Navagrahas 

and also to get comfort, complete health and abundent wealth 

All these—for what—

one has to think deeply—

is it for continous living in this material world ?

is it necessary ?
is it not worth to get rid of this worldly affairs which  gives sorrow 

continously ?

Is it not necessary to get solvation of this cycle of birth and death  ?

You have to think deeply—

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

Uruppattur Soundhararaajan

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