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February 9, 2018 ·

10933912_1535923796657614_7775236168992255527_nOh, asthikas
Adiyen likes to stress here the importance of the recital of sri vishnu sahasranama daily, or atleat on every satrurday , that too, as a family group recital
In our family this practice of mass recital on every saturday is in force for the past three generations—
Whoever present at that time, they used to sit together and recite —-
This gives immense peace, benefits, better health and affordable wealth—-
With these experience, adiyen likes you to begin the recital of this vishnu sahasranama every week—
Here is an excerpt from Sri Mahabharatha—-
—-Anu saasana parva of Mahabharatham —–
Vaisampaayana says——-,
‘Having heard all the duties in their entirety and all those sacred acts and objects that cleanse human beings of their sins, Yudhishthira once more addressed the son of Santanu [ Bheeshma ] thus——
Yudhishthira said,
1. Who may be said to be the one God in the world?
2. Who may be said to be the one object which is our sole refuge?
3. Who is he by worshipping whom or hymning whose praises human being would get what is beneficial?
4. What religion is that which, according to thy judgment, is the foremost of all religions?
5. What are those Mantras by reciting which a living creature becomes freed from the bonds of birth and life?’
Bheeshma replied–
Oh–Yuthishtra—–hear carefully—
1. ‘One should always, with alacrity and throwing away all languor, hymn the praises of that Lord of the universe, that God of Gods (viz., Vaasudeva), who is Infinite and the foremost of all Beings, by uttering His 1000 names.
2. Vasudeva (Vishnu )is the only refuge —
3. By always worshipping with reverence and devotion that immutable Being, by meditating on Him, by hymning His praises and bowing the head unto Him, and by performing sacrifices unto Him, indeed by always praising VishNu, who is without beginning, without end or destruction, who is the Supreme Lord of all the worlds, and who is the Master and Controller of the universe, one can succeed in transcending all sorrow.
4. He is devoted to the BraahmaNaas, conversant with all duties and practices, the enhancer of the fame and achievement of all persons, the master of all the worlds, exceedingly wonderful, and the prime cause of the origin of all creatures.
Even this, in my judgment, is the foremost religion of all religions, viz., one should always worship and hymn the praises of the lotus-eyed Vaasudeva with devotion.This is the only religion of all religions ,because Vasudeva —-
§ He is the highest Energy.
§ He is the highest Penance.
§ He is the highest Brahma.
§ He is the highest refuge.
§ He is the most holy of all holies, the most auspicious of all auspicious objects.
§ He is the god of all the gods and
§ He is the immutable father of all creatures.
On the advent of the primal Yuga, all creatures spring from Him. On the expiration, again of a Yuga, all things disappear in Him.
5. Hear, O king, the 1000 names, possessed of great efficacy in destroying sins, of that foremost one in all the worlds that Master of the universe, viz., VishNu. All those names derived from His attributes, secret and well-known, of the high-souled Vaasudeva which were sung by Rishis, I shall recite to thee for the good of all.
This is Sahasranama of Sri VISHNU—- the 1000 excellent names of the high-souled Kesava whose glory should always be sung That man who hears the names every day or who recites them every day, never meets with any evil either here or hereafter.

Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam
Uruppattur Soundhararaajan

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