Gems from the scriptures–5

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 Gems from the scriptures–5

                ( Sri U.Ve.  Uruppattur  Soundararajan ) 
Baghvan is not alone to pray for absolute surrender Like this Sri Mahalakshmi also is not alone to seek refuge.Before knowing these, we have to understand the important meanings of ”Shree”
  “Shree”  This gives many countless meanings ofwhich , Maharishis select six meanings as most importantthat is to say—

1. Sreeyathe…… sought after as “refuge”
 2. Srayathe…..She seeks Bhagavan  for our protection
 3 Srunothi …. She listens  to our plaintive cries
 4. Sraavayathi….She makes Bhagavan  listen to us sorrows
 5. srunaathi…..She drives away our sorrows
 6. sreenaathi….She makes/prepares us fit  to get “kataksha” of Bhagavan 
 Scriptures say that both  Sriman  Narayanan   and  Sri Mahalakshmi   ( Divya Dhampathi ),are  the ultimate aim for absolute surrender They are ” TATTVA” , ; They are ” HITHA”,  and They both are ” PURUSHARTHA”. It can be explained as ” Divya Dampathi” as ” TATTVA”, “Saranya Dampathi” as “HITHA” ( upaya), and “Seshi Dampathi” as
” ” Purushartha”. 

 Abhaya mudra  of Bhagvan denotes a promise of   freedom from fear to the devotees  who seek refuge in Him and also  preventing them  from performing
“prapaththi ” again  and again , indirectly saying ” enough, once you took refuge by performing prapaththi, it’s enough, it’s my responsibility to protect you”
That’s why , the prapannas should fix their gaze  on the abhaya–mudra
( abhaya–hastha) and derive comfort and solace .

Before performing ” prapaththi “, acharyas used to direct sishyas  to see and rely  the lotus feet of Bhagvan  and after ” prapaththi ” the ” abhaya–mudra”. At the time of beginning to perform ” prapaththi ” , we should seek refuge in the lotus feet of Sri Mahalakshmi, as She is ” Purushakara boothai” , keeping in our mind Her words. Sree prapaththi precedes prapaththi at the lotus feet of Bhagavan.

Bhagavan , in His Avathaaraa of ” Sri Raamaa”,  made known to all , His
 ” vratham” or ” vow” of protection  to those who perform prapaththi only once, seeking refuge on Him , declaring that He confers abhayam which is His vratham This can be seen in extending “abhayam ” to Vibheeshana

Whereas, in Sri  Krishna avathara, He says ” Giving up all other means, seek ME alone as your refuge. I shall liberate you from all sins ” . This was His advice , even now this is valid and ever valid and that is why He is first Acharyan

But our prarthana  should be made to the two of them together ( Divya dhampathi ) , for They are one and inseperable

It may be seen from ” Vedas” that during “yaga” or sacrificial ritual,
 havis ( oblation ) has to be given  using the words ” Mahendra” ( Maha–Indra ) and Aagnavishnu( Agni–Vishnu  ) without splitting the words as ” Maha” and  ” Indra”  or ” Agni” and  ” Vishnu “. Like this , the Supreme  thaththva is ” SRIMAN NARAYANA ” which refers to both sri ( Mahalakshmi–Periya Piratti) and Narayana ( Bhagavan ). In  Srimath Ramayana, Laksmana’s prayer to both Sri Rama and Sitha
is an example to all of us. He prayed for their anugraha to serve them both

Bhagavan is ever existing on His own. He is ever associated with Mahalakshmi
 ( eternal union). He is in possession of all good qualities
( Kalyanagunakarathvam).He creates Brahma and through him “cosmos” as an act of grace . He protects all, which are created through Brahma. He is the revelation of the ” Vedas” . He is also the destroyer. Thus , He creates, protects and destroys. He is the supreme being. In fact, these are the functions of ” Divya Dhampathis”.They regard all these as sports ( Kelikkai–vilaiyaattu ) and they delight in them ( enjoy)

Brahma is their child. He refers   the Vedas given to him By Baghvan.. He pronounces ” pranavam –thath–sath ” and many things
The first word is ” Pranavam”. The second one is ” Brahmam”. The third one is
 ” auspiciousness”. Divya dhampathis  are enjoying this. They are our protectors.
They are Seshees. We are seshaas.
To be contd —Next Jems from the Scriputures —6  will continue  

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