Gems from the scriptures –7——–

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Gems  from the scriptures –7————————————————–
Scriptures say many times    that  not  sriman  Narayanan alone , nor Sri Mahalakshmi alone , is the ultimate aimfor absolute surrender, but  both  of them together as Divya Dhampathi . 

The sareera( body ) we have now got, is NOT the first one. This jeevathma got countless sareera previously according to act of good or bad done in those births, whether it be a life in water ( fish  etc ) life as tree etc , life as animal and so on. The activities which we will perform now in this birth will decide our next birth. There is reaction to every action. If we act according to the teachings of Vedas, Upanishads, we will get upgradation  in the life to come. Bhagvan cannot be blamed. We are choosing our own fate by our actions ( Karmas ) . This karmas provide the situation, not the response to it.Births ad rebirths are connected with the karma ,one performs in his life..  If one behaves like animals, ignoring the dictat given through Vedas and Sastras, he gets a birth of animal in the next birth.  Baghvan is acting as facilitator , a benign and beneficient Supreme being who sends helpful hints through Acharyas and scriptures. One has to get their valuable guidance to escape from the cycle of rebirth altogether.
A ll religions embraced reincarnation for it described that ethical moral, behaviour leads to rebirth. This word was introduced into the English language in the middle of nineteenth centuary.The word ”incarnation” consists of five latin elements. 1. re–again –into 3. carn –flesh 4. ate–cause or become 5. ion–processThus, this word literally means the process into flesh again . It implies in the notion that there will be something flesh again after death.Sareera ( body ) is material and it decomposes and it’s elements merge with earth, agni, air, water and sky ( pancha bootham ). The soul or Jeevathma called non–material continues it’s journey of rebirth. This incarnation /reincarnation is the result of one’s own past actions ( karmas ) A child grows as an adult physically. This process is natural. This my be called emotional maturity. But  inner maturity is a process which has to be initiated by ourselves. 
Sastras stress always about ”Maha viswasa–great or absolute faith on the lotus–feet of Baghvan.  Mahaviwasa on His daya. To get release from the countless cycle of births and rebirths, to get rid of from this sorrowful painful samsara, this Mahaviwasa is absolutely necessary.
What is the worst sin ? It is hating ”Divya dhampathi”  ( Divine consorts ) particularly scolding them. There is no ”prayaschitham” (expiatory ceremony for sins or atonement ) to this sin, like the act of forgetting the timely help extended.Prapathi is a prayaschitham /atonement or expiation for the vast sins which have no beginning or end.Prapathi has to be understood as sovereign remedy to get rid of countless sins committed by jeevathmas. Acharyas have postulated Nyasa as the most important ubaya.
Sri Ramanuja, the great Acharya, in his charanagathi gadya performed prapathi at the lotus–feet of Sri Ranganatha ,when He , along with His consort Ranganayaki Thayar graced and adorned the Mandapam , near Sri Thayar sannidhi ( shrine ) on one ”panguni uthram ”day ( Guru parambara differ with this  time &situation ) and our great acharyas have shown us the way to perform prapathi. He invoked the grace of Thayar first and after Her blessing, performed prapathi at the lotus–feet of Sri Ranganatha 
Swami Desikan , our most respectful Acharyan adopted the self  same ”nyasa” and invoked the blessings of Thayar in the first instance ( Nyasa Tilakam ), which is known as prapathi and purushakaara prapathi.
Sri Mahalakshmi has got two great qualities  of having influence with Baghvan to whom She recommends and fondness with jeevathma, who seeks prapathi. She has got pity and compassion  like a mother (more than a mother ). She creates easy approachability with Baghvan, to us  i.e. jeevathmas–countless–sinners  sinners who are afraid of nearing Baghvan, who is angry with us as we deviated from the virtuous path all along our countless janma, prescribed in Vedas and Sastras. 
Prapathi i.e. prayer has to be performed to the two of them together as they are one and inseparable. Baghvan is ever existing on His own. He is ever associated  with Sri Mahalakshmi ( perya piratti ),in Nithya–yoga. He is in possession of all good qualities. He is jagat–kaaranan. He is Saranyan.  Om is pranavam. Tat is Brahmam. Sat is auspiciousness.  This was taught to Brahma, their son, by Divya dhampathi at the beginning. To be contd Next –Gem from the scriptures–8 will continue–
Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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