Gems from the scriptures –11—-

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Gems  from the  scriptures  –11————————————————-
The  inter–relationship between  jeevathma and Paramathma  is the same as that  of between Baghvan  and Devas  of Heaven  and yet , with those in the heaven get bliss from Baghvan all the time but the  jeevathma here, in this world, bogged down in the miserable worldly life. 
Jeevathma  should  praise Baghvan till the end of it’s life  but still cannot exhaust fully,  the glory / the kalyana gunas of Baghvan.  Baghvan gives  plenty of material wealth  and also  moksha to  jeevathma but at the same time, Baghvan knows what should be given and when should be given.  That’s why acharyas  say to perform  ”nishkamya karma”  i.e. if any karma is done with some  aim  the benefit that will accrue  has to be  surrendered  to Him  ( Sathvika thyagam ) 
 Baghvan is a farmer in the land of ”samsara”. He raises crops after crops ( creation ) hoping for a richer  harvest of ”Bakthi” / ”Parapathi” through this creation(jeevathmas ) .  But, they are mostly moving  away from Him. Baghvan gets on with His work, hoping for better results some day , sooner or later.

Baghvan  incarnates as a matter of grace,  but jeevathnmas   are born out of compulsion , as the result of past karma. Baghvan is supreme. He retains His supernal form, though He used to born in this world  as human being but the choice is with Him    In the avathar as Krishna . He displays  His auspicious  traits in abundence. The ”vaidik” lost his  three sons successively,  immediately they emerged from their mother’s womb,. The babies disappeared.  When the Vaidik’s wife conceived again , the brahmin prayed Sri Krishna  to ensure the safe retention of atleast  that progeny.  Arjuna  intervened  and dissuaded Sri Krishna , duly undertaking himself  to look after the brahmin’s affair himself. But Arjuna   failed  miserably , eventhough he stood  with  bow and arrows in front of the house of brahmin , blocking the entry by any outsider,  in any form .  The progeny disappeared as usual soon after birth. The vaidik bitterly reproached Arjuna.
 Sri Krishna  appeased  the brahmin, promising to get back him  the four missing children . Sri Krishna  took Arjuna and the brahmin with Him,  in a mighty chariot  and ascended to upper region  of heaven. Sri Krishna left them outside and entered  the dazzling heaven  and located all four children  of the brahmin  in the company of His divine consorts there,  who longed to see Him in the exquiste form of Krishna .Krishna lifted the children  returned  and restored them to the Vaidik which was a grand and thrilling feat which none but Baghvan only could perform.
 Baghvan’s traits are abundent. Baghvan is Omnipotent who can achieve the seemingly impossible , such as floating on a tender fig leaf over the vast watery expanse as a mere baby  holding in its stomach  all the universe  with all their contents  . He is everywhere, permeating effortlessly every one and everything  at all times and yet He is not tainted  by them. 
Unalloyed happiness can be got only in Paramapatha. ,, the seat of enjoyment of the reward for jeevathma’s good acts.
But at Svarga, this happiness / pleasure does not provide unalloyed one, as jeevathmas are haunted by the fear of being thrown out at the end of the tenure of their stay there.  Jeevathma is shunted out of Svarga, as soon as that jeevathma’s punya   is exhausted  . That is why Acharyas say that  punya as golden hand–cuff and sin is iron hand–cuff. Both should be wiped out to attain the golden–feet of Baghvan.

Sri Krishna says in Gita 4 types of votoraies propitiating Him.
Aarta —the sorrow stricken jeevas who are longing to get their wealthArthaarthi—jeevas craving  for all kinds of wealth   and absolute power Jijnasu—jeevas , seeking kaivalya  moksha Jnani—jeevas seeking  Baghvan’s lotus feet as the final goal  duly surrendering before Him
The 4 th category –Jnani—is dear to Baghvan beyond words and is looked upon  by Baghvan as His very self.
The richest  wealthy jeevathmas  on the earth will perish one day or other as  every one sees the fall of monorchs, thus forcing the once rich king to beg / seek alms under the cover of darkness ( nights).  These distinguished beggers get bitten by black dogs during nights, but desist from crying out their pain for fear of attractng his erstwhile citizens’ attention.  But,  alas,  the earthen begging bowls drop down from their hands with big noise which draws huge crowds to witness the pathetic plight of their erstwhile monorch who,  as king, was having decorated golden bowls  to eat.  The citizens of this monorch could not have dreamt of coming face to face with the former king.  They waited for months together to have an interview with this king/ to get entry into the palace. 
That is  why, Acharyas  instruct sishyas to make absolute surrender before Baghvan to attain salvation from the clutches of births and deaths which is the only permenant wealth 
To be contd as  ”Gems from the Scriptures –12–
Sarvam Sree Hayagreeva preeyathaam

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