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Adiyen Uruppttur Soundararajan
I do not want to lecture about our great Acharyan Swami Desikan , as you, as true sishya of Swami Desikan are performing wonderful divine services in your area.

2.There are very famous dedicated and single–minded organisations spreading ”Sri Desika Sampradaya” in U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Newzealand Indonesia Singapore, Malasia, middle east,and other Countries in the Globe
for the past several decades .
These kainkaryams by these Sabhas, Institutions, and many individual stalwarts of our Sampradaya are very spectacular
They have celebrated thousandth year of Sri Ramanujar in their many ways followed by the fitting celebrations of our Acharyan’s 750 th Thirunakshathram , all ofwhich show their’s gratitude to our both Acharyan .

3.I am of opinion that all these massive kainkaryams in many ways have to be consolidated and penned suitably sothat our future generation will know the strategy adopted and improve the system according to the best technical system that will be available to them and to their next generations
Our sampradaya has to grow further and further as there is no salvation to mankind except to follow the teachings of our revered Acharyan Swami Desikan

4.I therefore request our brethren both men and women to send a gist of their activities with all details which will be suitably
highlighted in all possible ways to our thousands and thousands of sampradaya suhruths as at present, many , yes, many Sri Desika Bakthas are not aware of all these wonderful kainkaryams performed –still performing vehemently by you, all, in other Countries

5. I shall with open–mind will discuss the methodology to highlight all these ,to all bakthas of Sri Desika sampradaya , as soon as the details are received from all of you

6. I hope that your co-operation, guidence assistance blessings etc will be spontaneous in this massive programme
without reminding you again and again

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