Sri Kainkarya is a public charitable trust and the Managing Trustee is D.Soundararajan , called now as URUPPATTUR Soundararajan is a Tamilnadu State  Government   Civil Service Officer(since retd), served in various capacities such as Managing Director , Co-op Spinning Mills, Dharapuram( mill earned a profit of Rs 3 crores) during 3 years, Dist. Revenue Officer & Addl. Dist Magistrate, Ramanathapuram( acted as Collector of the district for several long periods) Dy. Commissioner of Civil Supplies & Consumer protection , Chennai,Joint Director of Stationary & Printing Chennai, and headed the Tribunal for Disciplinary Proceedings      for State Govt Officers , Chennai

He had the bhagyam of conversing ,discussing many subjects with  the following Maha Purushas among others:–

  1. Karunilam Sri U.Ve Narasimhachariar Swamy
  1. Thooppul Sri U.Ve. Lakshminarasimhan
  1. Mukkur Sri U.Ve. Lakshminarasimhachariar Swamy
  1. Thirupputkuzhi Sri U.Ve. Narasimha Thathachariar Swamy

( from whom he got manthrobadesam of Sri Hayagreeva, Sri Nrusimha, Sri Sudarsana, Sri Danvanthri, Sri Mahalakshmi, Sri Santhanagopalan and performing jabams daily). His manthrobadesam of Sri Hayagreeva, Sri Nrusimha, Sri Sudarsana Sri Mahalakshmi to the   bakthas is well known and many sishyas from far and near benefitted subsequent to daily jabam as per the instructions .

  1. Sri U.Ve. Seva Srinivasa Raghavachariar Swamy ( who taught various rahasya granthas and encouraged to write in the magazines)

6.Vaikunta vasi Srimath Paravakkottai Andavan showered His vathsalyam on him

His Holiness blessed with a copy of “Srimath Rahasyathraya Saaram and “Sillarai Rahasyangal “ etc of the Asramam Publications to study them and keep the knowledge of “Kalakshebam “ from Srimath Azhagiasinger of 43rd , intact to lecture at appropriate time(kalakshebams)


He has written various books in tamil ,as follows;–


  1. Sri Vaishnava Sampradayam—Sila Mukya Vizhayangal

2 Yen—Yenna—Yetharkku(108 questions&answers) ,dharma sasthram etc

3 Chinna,Chinna Vishayangal Parts 1 to 5(like how to dry cloths etc)

8 Hey,Manase( Easy meaning to Amritharanjini-Sillarai Rahasyam of Swami


9 Sri Vathsa Gothram( history of 5 rishis)

10 Kadhamba Mala –32 Sri Hayagreevar colour photos 32 Sri Hayagreevar Stotras

with Avathara details of Sri Hayagreevan ( A to Z about Sri Hayagreevan )

11Achoucham( Theettu )

12 Marupadiyum piraviya? Bhagavanin Thiruvadiya?

13.Govindan thunai irukkak kol yen seyum !

14 Tharppana manthrangal for every year (to do all tharppanams in every year )

  1. Pazhamozhikalum, puthiya vilakkangalum –part 1
  1. Sri Vachana Bhooshanam-vyakyanam (Sri Pillai Lokaachaaryar )
  1. Divya desa vaibhavam-Part 1—( ShozhaNaadu & Nadu Naadu –42 )

With free supplement book about Abhimana Sthalams in this areas

  1. Divya Desa Vaibhavam—Part 2- ( Pandiya Naadu & Chera Naadu –31)

With free supplement book about Abhimana Sthalams in these areas

  1. Divya Desa Vaibhavam –part 3—( Thondai Naadu & Vada Naadu –35) with free supplement about abhimaana sthalangal
  1. Maha Vathsalya Vaibhavam—about the divine thiruvabaranam of Periya Piratti –called “METTI “


Books shown in S.Nos 8, 10 , and 15 are available in the British Library London


He was conferred with the following titles


  1. Acharya Bakthi Sardula –from Raja’s College, Thiruvaiyaru

2.Desika Seva Rathnam—from the Chief Patron of Sri Hayagreeva Vidya Peetam ( Srimath Paravakkottai Andavan)


He has constructed a Mandap at Oushatadri to Sri Hayagreevar at Thiruvaheendrapuram near Cuddalore at a cost of about Rs 17-00 lakhs to protect the devotees from hot sun and rains. Large number of people assemble at the Hills especially during thursdays to sundays every week. Lord Sri Devanathan climbs the sacred Hills twice a year ,where uthsavas are performed to this Lord. Acharyan Swami Desikan climbs the Hills twice a year and Purattasi Sravanam festival is most important. For these Uthsavams, the Mahamandap is used by Devasthanam


He is presenting Sambhavana to Veda Pundits for three days during Pavithrothsava at Thiruvaheendrapuram Sri Devanathaswamy Temple. He is presenting “Thirumangalyam” to very poor Vaishnavite bride during hermarriage. The above kainkaryams are few among other kainkaryams, done through

“ Sri Kainkarya “ a Charitable Trust and also individually. He has completed the repair work at Sri Hayagreevan Sannidhi ( within the temple of Sri Ranganathar) at Srirangam. He has constructed ” Thayar Sannidhi ” Sri Adhinayaki thayar alias Sri Ranganayaki at Sri Ranganathar temple, Gopurapatti, near Srirangam at a cost of about seven lakhs

He has contributed a lump sum for “Perumal koil VedaPatasala Trust”, Kanchipuram. He was instrumental to solve many problems   in many places,temple etc..Many asthikas derived benefits by doing “jabhams “ of many “manthras ‘ which were told by him as “ upadesa ‘

He is giving lectures through “ Skype” ,some ofwhich are :–

*Sri Mahalakshmi Vaibhavam


*Drushti, haraththi, etc

*Stotram—slokam—manthram etc

*Srimath Ramayanamum, Naamum

*Kothai Thamizh

*Yogamum, Kshemamum

*Sri Ramanuja Daya paathram


*Tiruppaavai (for the past 3 years)

*Visishtatvaitham (till Dasavathaaram& Abinava Dasavatharam)


He has rendered “Kalakshebam “ on Srimath Rahasyathraya Saaram of Swami Desikan( through “skype” ). He has written “Ketpathum solvathum “ (1008 questions & answers )

in the montly religious magazine “ Sri Kanchi Perarulalan “ ofwhich he is the Chairman. He has written “ Dhasamaskantham “ in “internet “ which,is more or less a direct conversation with Sri Krishna and which was appreciated by stalwarts. He has written “Marravai Neril “ (rest in person ) to Bagavan in the “inter net “

He prepared “ Calender—cum—guide—-“ ( Navagraha parihaara Dyana Slokas and Divya Kshetram “ for two years His upanyasams, articles etc can be seen/heard in the website www.srikainkaryasri.com and also in youtube.